Сryptocurrency PRIZM

What is cryptocurrency PRIZM (2019)

FOR MORE INFORMATION:   https://www.parovoz-prizm.com/en/home

On the registration page: https://www.parovoz-prizm.com/en/wallet-activation


in the form:  https://clck.ru/GgjH9 at paragraph 20 » Who told you about the PRIVM POROVE? * Specify the wallet number: PRIZM-D5AW-E9QR-6X68-3PPP9

PRIZM Official Resources
prizm.space — the PRITM cryptocurrency GitHub page.
wallet.prizm.space — PRIZM web-wallet (official).
blockchain.prizm.space — BlockChain explorer.
prizm.club — PRIZM cryptocurrency community site.
CWT Official Channel — YouTube channel community cryptocurrency PRIZM.

How to register a PRIZM wallet?

Uniqueness of cryptocurrency PRIZM. ParaMining

Uniqueness of cryptocurrency PRIZM.

ParaMining ParaMining is a key advantage of PRIZM over the rest of cryptocurrencies. Due the basic forging mechanism, the developers of PRIZM have added a unique, linear-retrograde mechanism for determining the reward for the storage of funds, aimed at economic attractiveness and the gradual replacement of all existing financial instruments of the world by the mass of PZM.

That is, in addition to the basic forging mechanism, which does not increase the amount of funds in the system.

Prism has an additional mechanism called ParaMining, which creates new coins, according to the metrics of the standard mathematics of the development of a normalized financial system in the context of the global economy.

According to our calculations, only this format for the growth of the mass of coins can ensure a gradual and confident replacement of all existing economic instruments.

The main advantage of Paramining is uniqueness of situation where nobody can interfere with this mechanism and falsify new coins – all PZM users and miners can monitor the number of coins issued by the system in the real-time.

Paramining works on any Prism wallet with a balance of more than 1 PZM and automatically stops when the balance reaches 1 million PZM

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